339 W.Fulton Street,
Waupaca WI

Offering Daily Specials:

Open 6 Days a Week
(Closed Mondays)
Sunday 11am-6pm

Mo's Famous Italian Beef Sandwiches Piled High with Provolone Cheese and Served on a Hearty Gonella Bun


The Rizzo: Italian Sausage Topped with Sweet Peppers • Marinara Sauce and Swiss Cheese


More Than 36 Flavors of Ice Cream •

Malts • Shakes • Root Beer Floats •
Ice Cream Sandaes with Various Toppings • Specialty Treats • Deep Fried Oreos • Deep Fried Snickers





36 Flavors of Ice Cream

Offering Cookie Dough & Cake Batter





Mo's Stand

Stop in for one of the Mo'lishous Speciality Shakes including the S'Mores, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Salted Caramel Pretzel and Everything But the Kitchen Sink. We are also offering Deep Fried S'Mores and Hot Apple Pie.
Open 6 Days a Week (Closed Mondays)
Sunday 11am-6pm

Mo's Stand is a family owned restaurant located on the corner of W. Fulton and High Streets in beautiful downtown Waupaca, WI. We are open 6 days a week (Closed Monday's), offering an extensive menu including Chicago Style Hotdog's and 36 flavors of Ice Cream.

CustomerWe have a 36 flavor system that allows the operator to transform vanilla soft serve, into one of more than 36 different flavors on a cone by cone basis. In other words, one customer can order a blackcherry cone while the very next decides to have a strawberry one. It's truly an unique Ice Cream experience. Invent your own flavor, the kids love it.

Our goal at Mo's Stand is to provide our customers great food in a relaxed, family-friendly environment.


History of the Chicago Style Hot Dog

The "Chicago Style" hot dog got its start from street cart hot dog vendors during the hard times of the Great Dog CartDepression. Money was scarce, but business was booming for these entrepreneurs who offered a delicious hot meal on a bun for only a nickel. The famous Chicago Style Hot Dog was born! They'd start with a Vienna Beef hot dog, nestle it in a steamed poppy seed bun and cover it with a wonderful combination of toppings: yellow mustard, bright green relish, fresh chopped onions, juicy red tomato wedges, a kosher-style pickle spear, a couple of spicy sport peppers and finally, a dash of celery salt. This unique hot dog creation with a "salad on top" and its memorable interplay of hot and cold, crisp and soft, sharp and smooth, became America's original fast food and a true Chicago institution.

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In Search of the Perfect Dog
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